Episode: 22 – Saturday, May 21st @ 7pm, “The Testimony of Jesus  



For over 20 years Pastor Pastor Plohockys’ work has inspired people to better understand the love and peace that comes from the Gospel message. Joshua is a powerful speaker that is passionate about sharing the importance of biblical prophecy in connection with current world events. His clear and concise messages will build trust in the words of the Bible as he reveals prophecies that have been fulfilled throughout history, then offer a deep hope as you uncover how Bible prophecy reveals the truth of our world today. Richard serves as associate pastor at Fairview Village and leads ministries in the Norristown & Eagleville area.

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Each Session is In-Person & Online

Time Key:

    • Friday Sessions @ 7pm

    • Saturday Sessions @ 3pm 

    • Sunday Sessions @ 5pm 

  • Night 1 – Friday, Oct 8th @ 7pm – “A New World Order”                         

  • Night 2 – Sat, October 9th @ 7pm – “Planet In Upheaval                                                                                           

  • Night 3 – Sunday, October 10th @ 7pm  “Armageddon                       

  • Night 4 – Monday, October 11th @ 7pm – “The Man of Revelation”